WWE Fastlane Review

A few crowd-popping spots, especially a fantastic match-saving manuever to end an impromptu three-way for the WWE Championship, were the type of short but memorable moments that helped Fastlane overcome its wild seemingly on-the-fly booking.

Mustafa Ali being inserted into the WWE title match, unannounced with no build, was the toughest position anyone was put in all night. But Ali did try his hardest to win over a crowd that wanted to see one man in that role, and that man was not Mustafa.

Kofi Kingston was the hero of the people. But instead he was inserted into yet another unannounced match, a handicap contest against Cesaro and Sheamus. It was a forgettable match which Kingston lost in a little over five minutes. It had an effect on the crowd in a way that certainly wasn’t positive.

Speaking of flat finishes, a predictable Ronda Rousey interference to get Charlotte disqualified led to the kind of middling reaction that reveals how far this feud has fallen since the Royal Rumble.

Shane McMahon’s heel turn post-loss beat down of the Miz in front of his father in the first row and his hometown Cleveland brethren did get the desired heat, and then some.

The Shield match built up fan interest as it went along, and it was nice to see all three members have a genuine celebratory moment together. It was also nice to see the fans finally behind Roman Reigns when he does his big Superman Punch and Spear spots.

A fatal four way bout between Samoa Joe, Andrade, Rey Mysterio and R-Truth for the US Title was a quality rematch of what was a great match from the most recent episode of Smackdown.

There was enough solid wrestling on the card to call Fastlane an above average show. But the booking was certainly not designed to give the fans in attendance—especially those clad in New Day t-shirts and holding Kofimania signs—the show they were hoping for.

The mismanagement of the WWE Championship and Raw Women’s Championship feuds is concerning. Luckily, there are still a few weeks left before Wrestlemania, so there’s enough time left to salvage both of them with the right booking tweaks.

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