WWE Raw (7/29/19): Notes and Analysis

Venue: Verizon Arena, North Little Rock, Arkansas

-The 24/7 title opening segment probably would have worked better as a backstage promo between Drake Maverick and R-Truth instead of an actual match. Not sure why it needed to be a mixed tag match even though the women never tagged in, or why there were lumberjacks out there, even though it wasn’t a lumberjack match. Ultimately, it did serve the purpose of furthering the Mike and Maria Kanellis storyline. 

-Really enjoyed the chemistry between Rey Mysterio and Cesaro. The ability of Cesaro to land on his feet after flipping over the ropes with Rey on top of him was impressive. 

-“How the hell is Mysterio still walking?” Michael Cole asks as Mysterio crawls on the mat writhing in pain.

-A bit of a botch on the quick pin fall attempt between Rey Mysterio and Sami Zayn. It seems that Mysterio may have slipped.

-Disappointed by the Mysterio-Andrade match given how great their matches on Smackdown were. A little too slap and kick heavy instead of the unique moves and sequences we saw in previous encounters.

-Glad to see how consistently over Ricochet is with live crowds.If I had one complaint about him at this point it’s his lack of selling late in matches. He got elbowed in the head by Andrade and popped right back up and did a reverse hurricanrana and finished it off with a 630 for the pin. 

-If it were up to me, I would’ve given the Usos the night off following Jey’s DUI arrest. Zakk Ryder and Curt Hawkins would have been fine in the face tag team role in the triple-threat.

-A few months ago, I was clamoring for a Revival-Usos feud. I’ve gotten my fill and then some. Though their matches have consistently been entertaining, I’ve seen too many of them in too short of a time. Hopefully, with Anderson and Gallows winning the tag titles, it should freshen up the Raw tag division a bit. 

-Not sure what Scott Dawson and Karl Anderson were going for with that suplex over the top rope but it sure looked dangerous. 

-The “no wrestling during commercial breaks” rule seems to have been lifted. I’m fine with that, as it led to some rather awkward time-blocking issues and forced two out of three falls matches.

-Through no fault of her own, Becky Lynch has been hurt by the lack of credible challengers during her title reign. Say what you will about Lacey Evans’ in-ring ability, but she at least had some type of personality and character. Natalya, on the other hand, wow, that backstage promo. For someone who has been in the WWE as long as she has to cut such a stilted promo with that kind of choreographed cadence is really troubling. 

-Viking battle training lol

-There’s something to say for measuring star power by how many fans whip out their phones when a performer comes out. Judging by that metric tonight, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns felt like the biggest deals. Seth Rollins not so much.

-Taking an F5 into the post seems like it sucked for Seth. Taking three F5s onto the chair seemed liked it sucked a lot worse. Not a good sign for your babyface challenger when the crowd’s chanting “one more time!” to see him get continually punished. 

-I loved the chaotic energy of the ending to the show. It had a real attitude era feel of guys just running out and brawling all over and different feuds and stories overlapping. 

-Cedric Alexander, someone who could use a big push sooner than later, got a great rub from being alongside Roman and The Usos. It will be interesting to see if this leads to some type of multi-man tag match next week. 

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