WWE Monday Night Raw Review (8/5/2019)

Venue:  PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

-Preview Tagline: Seth Rollins Contemplates His Next Move Before Summerslam.

-Odd pairing of Becky Lynch and Charlotte in the opening tag team bout. I would have figured we would have gotten the face team of Lynch and Trish Stratus going against the heel team of Natalya and Charlotte. The fact that Stratus didn’t receive a televised entrance and didn’t even tag into the match is somewhat surprising.

-Charlotte’s extended beat down spot on Natalya revealed how little crowd heat Natalya has at this point. It was clear the crowd wanted to see one person and one person only, Becky.

-Rey Mysterio’s flinging of Andrade into the barricade was an intense spot. Really woke the crowd up after the fans fell asleep during that tag match. 

– A big step up in entertainment quality in this meeting of Mysterio and Andrade compared to the punch and kick-heavy gauntlet match they had on Raw last week. It was reminiscent of their epic battles they had on Smackdown earlier this year. 

-Andrade can always be counted on to deliver at least a few spots that make a crowd go “Oh!” He’s one of the most unique match workers in WWE right now. 

-Tonight was further proof that quick, comedic backstage segments are the way to go for the 24/7 Title stuff, not the actual matches like we saw with Drake Maverick and R-Truth last week. It also showed that we don’t always need to see the conga line of low-carders chasing the title winner around after a victory.

-Props to Mike Kanellis for making the most of his role. He’s gone from having zero television presence a few months ago to an interesting facet of the show.

-Serious, pissed off Becky Lynch promos are way more my speed than cutesy, jokey Lynch promos. No kind of Natalya promos are my speed.

-One video recap of Brock Lesnars’s beatdown of Seth Rollins would have sufficed. Didn’t need two in one hour.

-Seth Rollins is here in Pittsburgh tonight! *Light golf clap* 

-This certainly hasn’t been the “Summer of Seth” — starting off his title reign in a dead end feud against Baron Corbin, playing second fiddle to Becky Lynch and now redoing a build to a feud that no one was clamoring for – that might be the final nail in the coffin for his face run. Not only has he not been getting the desired sympathy from the crowd after these massacres by Brock, he’s been getting largely yawns and a smattering of boos. He’s gone from beating Lesnar at Wrestlemania to now what can be argued is the low point of his singles run in just a matter of months. His character needs some kind of reboot and spark following Summerslam.

-Montez Ford motioned to take off his glasses after he already had just removed them.

-Let’s hope we get an exciting, fast-paced match to wake up the crowd after that dreadful Rollins segment, oh, nope, a quick generic Viking Raiders squash match. That didn’t do it.

-A nothing Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre match with a non-ending is not going to do it either.

-The Fiend’s run-ins have gotten diminishing returns since the crowd ate up that first one.  It’ll be interesting to see how well that match against Finn Balor at Summerslam gets received. The last time they feuded it certainly didn’t light the world on fire.

-Yikes, Ricochet landing right on his head on the apron following that clothesline from Luke Gallows. That was unsettling.

-Not much to the six-man tag match. It would have been nice to see Ricochet at least get a nice offensive flurry. Instead, it was mostly just a heel-dominated affair. For whatever reason, that seems to be the trend tonight.

-Crowd has been lost since Brock’s entrance. Having Samoa Joe literally sit in the ring and do nothing for a few minutes isn’t helping matters. 

-Setting the Over/Under for number of video recaps of Roman’s car accident on Smackdown Live tomorrow night at 2.5

-Interested to find out who Roman’s attacker is. A non top-tier guy could really benefit from that rub. It’s interesting that Buddy Murphy was seen in the background of the backstage attack. That could be a fun feud. Really anybody but Shane McMahon or Drew McIntyre could work if it’s built right.

-A four-way tag match with three heel teams and the Kabuki Warriors, a team that’s barely been given any TV time since their formation. This is going to be an uphill battle for these ladies.

-Smart move going with the surprise elimination of the champions first. That gave the crowd a desperately needed jolt.

-Right choice having Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross win the tag titles. They’ve been a prominent part of Raw since partnering up. Those belts have been largely treated as an afterthought ever since Sasha Banks and Bayley lost them at Wrestlemania

-I’m not surprised that Goldberg wants a chance at redemption following his train wreck of a match with the Undertaker in Saudi Arabia. If it’s going to be a short big moves and done squash match, Dolph Ziggler is probably the right guy to take that loss. At this point, it’s pretty clear that Ziggler’s not in line for any meaningful type of push. 

-Final thoughts of tonight’s show is that except for the Rey Mysterio and Andrade match and the final stretch of the Women’s Tag Title match there was just not a lot of great wrestling. That led to a noticeably bored and dead crowd throughout most of the night. It was a lot of heel-dominated offense in otherwise forgettable contests and segments. Raw seems to have squandered the momentum it had going following last week’s show, especially when you consider there was zero follow up to that chaotic brawl that had people buzzing.

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