WWE Monday Night Raw Review (8/12/19)

-Heel AJ Styles outclasses face Seth Rollins in charisma and energy on the mic. The “We can go together!” line to the fans from Seth was a little cheesy. 

-No face turn for Samoa Joe tonight. That makes sense. If it’s going to happen it can come from Roman and him teaming up and Roman’s good guy attitude rubbing off on him. 

-Dolph Ziggler goes from over-dramatically overselling  to completely no-selling the effects of the Goldberg match. Miz with the win over Ziggler, but I am not even sure if beating Dolph at this point is worth much, or even if it’s worth anything at all.

-Award for tonight’s best out of context audio clip goes to…
“I got speared so many times yesterday.” – Dolph Ziggler
Runner Up: “Throw it up you motherlovers.” -AJ Styles

-Becky Lynch’s “Game On!” promo was intense. The problem is the women’s roster, especially on the Raw side is lacking worthy challengers not named Ronda Rousey. Someone from Lynch’s past like Sasha Banks who had a quality feud and solid matches in NXT with Becky makes sense, as does bringing back Sasha the night after Summerslam in front of a smarky crowd.

-Elias outclasses Ricochet as a promo and towers over him in the ring. Not sure this one-on-one encounter benefits either competitor.

-Ricochet botching hard, failing to wrap his feet around Elias’ neck. Elias not being prepared to catch a falling upside down Ricochet didn’t help matters.

-Not sure how much positive momentum Ricochet gains from a disputed pin fall victory, especially considering how little offense he had against Elias. The crowd never really got into the match to begin with, but whichever fans actually were invested all checked out after the botched spot.

-The Ricochet miss and back bump onto the outside and Mysterio’s hurricanrana on Andrade to the outside were two PPV-level caliber of bumps. Raw has had noticeably more physical, high-impact-sounding spots tonight. It’s a nice change of pace.

-The curly hair look works for Zelina Vega.

-Not sure whose fault the botch was on Mysterio’s Canadian Destroyer attempt on Andrade. Looks like Andrade’s head just didn’t get into proper position for whatever reason. It was almost too challenging of a spot for Rey to attempt deeper into the match, especially after the first outside spot may have left Andrade a little woozy. 

-Two straight pins and it’s a clean sweep for Andrade. So much for that thought of a potential Mask vs. Hair match.

-Steve Austin Skype audio volume coming in hot.

-If Cedric Alexander and Drew McIntyre will both be entrants in next week’s King of the Ring, why not just save tonight’s meeting for the tournament next week?

-Doing a Lumbar Check onto someone the size of McIntyre seems like it would do more harm than good, which is only intensified when you do it on the floor on the outside. 

-That knife edge chop seemed like it sucked for Cedric. That suplex onto the ramp probably sucked a little more.

-Great hard-hitting, athletic action in McIntyre vs. Alexander aided by some dramatic near falls at the end. Cedric made the Claymore Kick look like a million bucks.

-Roode vs. No Way Jose received the fast-forward treatment from my remote. The Viking Raiders squashing another local jobber team did as well. 

-Mild boring chants during Natalya’s message to her dead father. I can understand a crowd not being invested in a Natalya in-ring promo but the fans who chanted probably should have just given her silence instead of jeers during such a moment.

-The “Thank You Sasha!” chants during her beat down of Natalya were also a testament to how little fans in Toronto ever really cared about supporting a Calgary native.

-A brawl between face champion Becky Lynch and heel Sasha Banks was everything I ever wanted it to be. The use of repeated chair shots by Sasha definitely aided the effect of her return. That match should be tremendous. Do the first meeting at Clash of Champions and then have a rematch inside a cell at Hell In a Cell.

-No Fiend tonight. That’s disappointing. Hopefully, he makes his presence felt on Smackdown tomorrow night. A new feud against a prominent performer on the blue brand may be the way to go. Ali would make an interesting choice.

-The threat of a piledriver on the apron will always get a good crowd reaction.

-“Rollins with that independent, cavalier attitude.” – Michael Cole
It’s easy to picture Vince McMahon saying that line in Cole’s earpiece.

-It’s insane that the creative team heard the reaction Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton got after their double count out finish in the WWE Title match last night and could still think it’s a good idea to have a DQ finish to a Universal Title match on Raw the next night.

-Not sure Ricochet needed to come out only to get knocked out instead of just having Braun Strowman be the initial surprise to come out and clear house. It seems like we’re getting a six-way tag match with all involved parties as Raw’s main event next week.

-“This is going to be a blast!” Steve Austin says as he shoots a machine gun to kick off his new television show on the USA Network . It seems like some entertainment industry type pitched Austin a Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee type interview show, just with Austin’s kind of attitude instead of Jerry Seinfeld’s. Going with what looks to be a very firing-gun-heavy interview with Rob Riggle is an interesting way to go considering the heated debate about guns going on in the United States right now.

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