WWE Monday Night Raw Review: Notes From Baltimore, MD (9/2/19)

Venue: Royal Farms Arena

-Crowd cheers and is clearly the hottest for AJ Styles. His interruption promo gets over big with the fans, so it figures they would do a match where he’s the only one of the five not in action. Even a 6 vs. 6 with any midcarder currently not doing anything where Styles actually got to wrestle would have been better. 

-Braun Strowman is worth two things in a big tag-team match, a big hot tag moment and some type of shoulder into the post spot.

– The heel fivesome of The OC and Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode is actually a pretty  good heel stable. Just a bunch of old veterans who are good at acting mean. Ditch Ziggler’s “It Should Have Been Me” promos and just let him kick already beaten up people in the face NWO-style for the next six months.

-Why did Ziggler and Roode need entrance music coming out of commercial if they were already in the ring?

-Another week, another Ziggler/Roode tag match gets the crickets treatment from the crowd. 

-I would say no one cares about Natalya or Lacey Evans but that twenty-or-so-person chant of “Nattie!” early on says otherwise.

-Lacey’s Moonsault and the Women’s Right were the only two moves that got even a slight crowd reaction in the awfully quiet Lacey/Natalya match. WWE needs to learn that Natalya in peril is not something crowds are going to give the desired reaction for. 

-Becky’s back to calling people weirdos again, ugh. I guess she’s saving plank for next week.

-More passion and energy in Sasha Banks’ promo this week as compared to last. Firm voice. Last week she just went through the motions without any real passion.

-Becky vs. Sasha is official for Clash of Champions. If it’s No DQ, it’ll be a Match of the Year contender.

-Baron Corbin and Cedric Alexander was like any other Corbin vs. a talented worker match, a lot of Corbin beating down early to bore the crowd and then some face fire late to wake them back up. Alexander winning over the crowd late in the match was encouraging to see. I’d say this is one of the better showings from Corbin in a while, but really it just seems like his matches depend on the quality of his opponent.

-Cedric completely whiffing on that kick from the top rope. ”Didn’t get all of it” i.e. didn’t get any of it.

-Ricochet is still my favorite to win the King of the Ring Tournament.

-Another Week, Another Roman Reigns Attack Recap Video. Why are Smackdown Live highlights on Raw?

-Steve Austin making an appearance at Raw in MSG? I guess ticket sales really have been that slow. 

-The Viking Raiders are the Dark Order of WWE. So few care about this gimmick or team right now.

-Hopefully, there will come a time when Ricochet can display more than one facial expression and more than one verbal level in one of his backstage promos.

-Ricochet/Samoa Joe went one commercial break too long but it was decent. Finish was hated by the crowd, which should have been expected. Another weak finish from Ricochet who already lost a bit of momentum due to a not ideal ending against Elias on Raw a few weeks ago.

-Cesaro left the UK to face Miz? They couldn’t find any heel on the roster for Miz to beat to heat him up for Nakamura? Cesaro should work out a stipulation where he can stay in the UK and just carry that brand with Walter. Flying in for NXT live TV shows on Wednesday would also add a lot to those shows as a special attraction.

-A heel turn or at the very least a tweener turn by Bayley was necessary given her  dwindling crowd reactions ever since her cash in championship victory at Money in the Bank. Her and Sasha as an Us vs. The Rest duo could be outstanding television if they build it right. With Heyman calling the shots, it’s at least a maybe, we’ll see.

It was a moment that saved tonight’s episode of Raw from being just another ho-hum run-of-the-mill affair like last week’s episode. Her chair shots to Becky as the go to black moment of the show drew closer looked like something she’s been waiting a while to do.

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