AEW Dynamite Review (10/9/19)

Venue: Agganis Arena (Boston, MA)

-Jake Hager is now a part of the intro video.

Private Party defeat The Young Bucks

-Like Tony Schiavone pointing out the “East Coast/West Coast” Brooklyn Boys vs. Cali Dudes clash of styles. It gives some good quick background information on both duos, which is especially needed for a young team like Private Party who some fans may not be as familiar with.

-Nice Gutbuster/Neckbreaker combination by The Bucks early.

-Hot tag to Marc Quen leads to a fired up sequence including back and forth flips to both Bucks on the opposite sides of the ring, which brings the fans to their feet. Quen has a really unique flare and energy about him. He’s got singles star potential down the line.

-The Gin and Juice is one of the best combination tag team maneuvers in wrestling right now. In fact, Private Party are one of the best teams when it comes to combination moves and sequences. 

-Near fall after Quen’s Shooting Star Press left the crowd in utter disbelief. 

-Crowd loved both of these teams. No fun and games for the Bucks in this one. They worked a very methodical, focused style but ultimately it was not enough, as the  energetic upstarts pull off a shocking upset over the wily veterans. 

-I was at the House of Glory show in Queens when these two fought back in August. That match was outstanding, and the crowd ate up every bit of it. This one had a similar flow and high points. It turned out to be as good and maybe even a little better given the circumstances surrounding it—starting off the show in front of such a hot crowd. 

Chris Jericho In-Ring Promo

-Sammy Guevara definitely stands out among Hager, Santana and Ortiz as the least imposing and least intimidating of the bunch but it’s understandable why he’s a part of Jericho’s crew. Getting consistent screen time surrounded by well-known performers can only help a young wrestler’s popularity.

-Love “The List” reference.

“We the people sucks and it’s dead and buried. It was a stupid idea from bad creative and all that’s gone.” Jericho certainly knows how to handle and shut down impromptu crowd chants. 

-Jericho going low with that Dusty Rhodes insult. Finally a line that got him universally booed.

-The expletive felt a little forced for shock value. 

-I guess the sell out technically only counts for the seats shown on the hard cam.


-The Inner Circle is a good name considering Jericho seems to be going for the rock star vibe with his character at this point in his career.  Fun segment by a master mic worker.

Darby Allin defeats Jimmy Havoc 

-Besides a quick “Oh” reaction after Havoc suplexed Allin from the apron to the outside, the crowd was a bit cold for this one. It was mostly just Jimmy beating on Darby. Luckily, they showed interest for Allin’s Stunner into a Coffin Drop sequence for the win. 

-Allin vs. Jericho should be an interesting mix of styles. That type of spotlight situation means Darby is probably going to go balls to the wall and try something really crazy.

Riho and Britt Baker defeat Emi Sakura and Bea Priestley

-Riho’s cross body off the top rope onto both Sakura and Priestley on the outside got a good reaction. Besides that and a few stomps, there was surprisingly little involvement from Riho, who out of the four was clearly the most over with the crowd. 

-The match seemed designed to let Baker show off some of her skills heading into next week’s one-on-one title match with Riho. Unfortunately, the crowd just didn’t seem to get into it all that much. Her being dreadful on commentary during last week’s Women’s Championship match probably didn’t help matters. 

A Best Friends Video Package Leads to an Orange Cassidy Ringside Appearance

-Fans didn’t seem to care much about The Best Friends but they adored Cassidy.

Jon Moxley defeats Shawn Spears

-AEW really seems to love outside barricade spots.

-Spears has a very punch and slap heavy offensive attack. I believe I counted a kick, maybe two in there as well.

“This is a slobberknocker personified.” -Jim Ross. Eh, I wouldn’t go quite that far. 

-After missing a few months rehabbing his arm, Moxley looked to be in good shape with no evident ring rust. As for Spears, he’s so bland that it’s just hard to care about his matches at all. It’s performances like these that are a reminder why he barely was able to make it onto television during his time on the WWE main roster. It was another very forgettable showing by him, which is a shame because Tully Blanchard has the potential to be a standout heel manager. He just needs somebody more interesting to work with. 

-Crowd was into the post-match confrontation between Moxley and a barbed wire broom-wielding Kenny Omega. Having Pac interrupt by getting a cheap shot on Omega is the smart move. These two shouldn’t have a physical confrontation every week. A stare down works best as a tease to the action to come at Full Gear. Moxley refusing to take an easy shot at a defenseless Kenny is some nice character advancement for him. 

 Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara defeat Dustin Rhodes and Adam Page

-This match started with, unsurprisingly, a barricade spot on the outside. That’s three matches in a row featuring one. 

-Hangman Page’s Moonsault to the outside always looks great and gets a big pop from the crowd. Everything else he does is hit or miss. 

-Not much to the match. It was a basic set up main event for another big chaotic brawl featuring lots of bodies flying around to end the show. Cody, MJF, The Young Bucks and Darby Allin all got to make an appearance, weaving multiple different storylines and feuds into one another. Allin skateboarding down the ramp to attack Jericho was visually something different and fun. 

Overall Thoughts

I’m a sucker for ‘let’s have lots of guys from different feuds get into a big brawl’ finishes, so I thought the ending was very entertaining, and the crowd clearly loved it as well.

The Youngs Bucks vs. Private Party was terrific and felt like a PPV quality match. It was head and shoulders above everything else on the show. Jericho’s promo was also well done. Everything else lacked any real sizzle until the end when Cody appeared. 

There are plenty of good stories starting to come together, but it’s still very much a wait and see approach. Overall, it was a decent show which featured one blow away match and helped advance some interesting storylines. Jericho vs. Cody and Kenny vs. Moxley look to be the two show-carrying feuds going forward. It will be interesting to see how the tag tournament fairs now that the standout team has been eliminated from competition. 

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