WWE Friday Night SmackDown Review (10/11/19)

Venue: T-Mobile Arena (Las Vegas, NV)

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns Entrance: 8:02:14 – 8:04:14, Two Minutes
Seth Rollins Entrance 8:04:16 – 8:06:00, One Minute and 44 Seconds
Opening Bell: 8:06:04
Final BellFiend Attack:  8:19:38
Match Time: 13 Minutes and 30 Seconds
Result: Seth Rollins wins via disqualification

*First Commercial Break: 8:09:46 -8:13:08 , Three Minutes and 22 Seconds



-Slow feeling out process early. Both competitors had each other scouted well. Roman was able to avoid Seth’s Suicide Dive and Flying Knee while Rollins was able to avoid Roman’s Drive-By attempt.
-The one-armed powerslam by Reigns got a big pop from the crowd.
-Noticeable boos for Rollins’ Flying Knee and Frog Splash, his subsequent pin attempt and his first stomp tease.
-Noticeable boos for Roman’s first Spear attempt from the corner.
-Buckle Bomb into a Superman Punch spot was a nice call-back to their Money In the Bank WWE Championship match, as was the Spear attempt into a Pedigree counter.
-The match abruptly ends in disqualification when The Fiend rose up from beneath the ring and dragged Rollins under. Seems like this feud is still going even after that horrid ending to their Hell In a Cell match. 

*Second Commercial Break: 8:20:50 – 8:23:40, Two Minutes and 50 Seconds

-In case you weren’t tuned in three minutes ago, the show returns from commercial break with a quick recap of The Fiend’s attack on Seth Rollins

-A live look-in at the Fox and USA Draft War Room followed by an explanation of the rules for the 2019 WWE Draft. There are 70 draft eligible superstars total. 30 are eligible tonight. 40 will be eligible on Monday.

Round 1 Draft Picks

  1. Raw selects Raw Women’s Becky Lynch
  2. SmackDown selects Roman Reigns
  3. Raw selects The O.C.
  4. Smackdown selects Bray Wyatt
  5. Raw Selects Drew McIntyre

Stephanie said both Becky and Roman are “heading” to their respective shows even though they’re both actually staying in the same place. 

-A live look-in at the Draft table featuring Booker T, Beth Phoenix and Samoa Joe. Joe put over Drew McIntyre strong proclaiming him to be a future world champion.

Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable
Baron Corbin Entrance  — 8:29:56 – 8:37:05, Seven Minutes and Nine Seconds
Chad Gable Entrance — 8:37:39 – 8:38:20, 41 Seconds
Opening Bell: 8:38:22
Final Bell: 8:47:41
Match Time: 9 Minutes and 19 seconds
Result: Corbin wins via pinfall following an End of Days

*Third Commercial Break: 8:31:43 – 8:35:16, Three Minutes and 33 Seconds

-The show returns with Fox’s lead NFL announce team Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. We learn that Aikman’s signature maneuver is the piledriver.

*Fourth Commercial Break: 8:40:19 – 8:43:30, Three Minutes and 11 Seconds


-‘I Show Up To Raw More Times Than Brock’ sign visible during Corbin’s promo.
-Gable’s Bulldog counter to Corbin’s Deep Six looked great. So did his Moonsault.
-A bit of an exaggerated corkscrew spin by Gable on that slam. Added to the effect.
-Gable’s Moonsault and German Suplex both got an “Oh!” reaction from the crowd.
-Excited and loud “Tap!’ chants during the Ankle Lock.
“Gable walked right into that End of Days.” He sure did. What was his plan was there?

-Following Corbin’s victory, the show cut to the Fox Sunday NFL preshow team, who are ready to tell us who they would choose with their first-round picks.
-Terry Bradshaw’s first-round pick would be Dusty Rhodes.
-Howie Long’s would be Bruno Sammartino.
-Michael’s Strahan’s would be Ric Flair.
-Curt Meneffee’s would be Andre The Giant.
-Tony Gonzalez’s would be Hulk Hogan.

Wow, five retired legends, three of whom are deceased. Not exactly a segment designed to help out the current generation of performers the company should be trying to promote.

Round 2

  1. Raw selects Randy Orton 
  2. SmackDown selects Sasha Banks
  3. Raw selects Ricochet
  4. SmackDown selects Braun Strowman
  5. Raw selects Bobby Lashley

“Monday Night Raw is about to defy gravity with the addition of Ricochet.” That’s a bold promise from Stephanie considering Ricochet’s already been on Raw for eight months and Raw has yet to come close to defying gravity. 

Back to the WWE Draft Panel, where Samoa Joe puts over Ricochet huge. It’s unusual to see this side of Joe, doling out praise for other wrestlers. 

-Tyson Fury-Braun Strowman Video Package: 8:51:55 – 8:53:14, One Minute and 19 Seconds

-Cut to Braun Strowman talking on a cell phone sporting his new Monster of All Monsters t-shirt followed by a shot of Fury shadowboxing next to an unknown smiling man in a suit. 

-Cut to a Crown Jewel graphic that strangely enough doesn’t mention the location of the event. 

Fifth Commercial Break: 8:53:49 – 8:56:55, Three Minutes and Six Seconds

Progressive Match Flo: 8:56:56 – 8:57:48, 52 Seconds
-A recap of Brock Lesnar’s quick victory over Kofi Kingston to win the WWE title and Cain Velasquez’s post-match intimidation attack. 

Brock Lesnar Entrance: 8:57:49 – 8:59:09, One Minute and 20 Seconds
Paul Heyman Promo: 8:59:10 – 9:03:30, Four Minutes and 20 Seconds




-The first mention of Cain Velasquez’s name receives some boos and no cheers.
-A history lesson of Lesnar and Velasquez’s UFC’s feud got the yawn treatment from the crowd.
“Brock Lesnar will conquer his nightmare from the past. ” – Heyman

Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez Entrance: 9:03:30 – 9:03:52, 22 Seconds
-A few photos are shown from Cain’s victory over Brock at UFC 121 back in 2010. Velasquez then tells Lesnar he will beat him again, and that he’s going to give Brock a matching scar on the other side of his face. Brock didn’t some pleased with the threat.

-Cut to the New Day backstage who command us to feel the power.

*Sixth Commercial Break: 9:06:04 – 9:09:04, Three Minutes

-The show returns with the Fox College Football broadcast team of Brady Quinn, Urban Meyer, Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. Meyer says the No. 1 thing he looks for in a prospect is competitiveness. Quinn, Meyer and Leinart all talk about being No. 1 NFL Draft picks.

“I had to wait a little longer than you guys, though. I was there for a rapid length.” – Brady Quinn 


Susan G. Komen Foundation Promo: 9:10:09 – 9:13:55, Three Minutes and 46 Seconds

New Day vs. The O.C.
New Day Entrance: 9:13:56 – 9:14:30, 34 Seconds
The O.C. Entrance: 9:14:32 – 9:15:43, One Minute and 11 Seconds
Opening Bell: 9:15:47
Final Bell: 9:22:34
Match Time: Six Minutes and 49 Seconds
Result: Kingston wins via pinfall on Styles following a Trouble In Paradise

*Seventh Commercial Break: 9:16:08 – 9:20:02, Three Minutes and 54 Seconds

-Exciting way to clear the ring capped off by a big flip to the outside by Xavier Woods, which left the two former WWE champions, Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles, alone so they could square off uninterrupted.
-A nice quick back and forth between Kingston and Styles that almost felt a little too quick.
-Short but decent match. It would’ve been nice to see more than three minutes of it. 

-The show cuts to a second showing of The Fiend attack on Seth Rollins video recap.

Round 3 Draft Picks

  1. Raw selects Alexa Bliss
  2. SmackDown selects Lacey Evans
  3. Raw selects Kevin Owens
  4. SmackDown selects The Revival
  5. Raw selects Natalya

-Cut to a shot of to Charlotte backstage stretching next to some stage cases.

*Eighth Commercial Break: 9:27:08 – 9:30:54, Three Minutes and 46 Seconds

Round 4 Picks

  1. Raw selects The Viking Raiders
  2. Smackdown selects Lucha House Party
  3. Raw selects Nikki Cross
  4. SmackDown selectsHeavy Machinery
  5. Raw selects Street Profits

-Cut back to the draft panel. Once again, nothing but praise coming from Samoa Joe, who handled his broadcasting role quite well tonight. I actually really dig the more laid back version of Joe who seems to genuinely enjoy hyping up other wrestlers.

Charlotte vs. Bayley
Charlotte Entrance: 9:34:20 -9:41:38, Seven Minutes and 18 Seconds
Bayley Entrance: 9:41:39 – 9:42:12, 33 Seconds
Opening Bell: 9:44:23
Final Bell: 9:55:48
Match Time: 11 Minutes and
Result: Bayley wins the SmackDown Women’s Championship via a roll up pin fall.

Cut from Charlotte’s entrance to the….

*Ninth Commercial Break: 9:35:46 – 9:38:36, Two Minutes and 50 Seconds

-Returning from commercial, Jay Glazer gives us an inside scoop about a potential blockbuster trade, injured superstars and Sonya Deville’s emergence. 

A Tyson Fury/Crown Jewel Video Package: 1:39:45 – 1:40:50, One Minute and Five Seconds 

*Tenth Commercial Break: 9:45:57 – 9:48:47, Two Minutes and 50 Seconds

-Bayley cut her entrance off by revealing a new shorter, darker hair style before taking an axe handle out and slaughtering her tube people.
-Crowd was a little cold during Bayley’s beat down on Charlotte portion of the match. Charlotte’s chops helped wake them up.
-Impressive looking Moonsault off the barricade by Charlotte.
-A surprise Belly to Bayley suplex caught everybody by surprise.  But it was not enough.
-Much more edge and noticeable heel tactics (feet on the ropes during a pin) from Bayley.
-Bayley absolutely no-sold the Natural Selection. Getting up and running around following the surprise hair-pull-aided roll up pin.
-A bit of odd booking turning Bayley heel but having her end the show with a surprise title victory that received a huge pop and almost a standing ovation.
-Following the win, Bayley’s 
new more rock style theme song is debuted.
-Does this mean Charlotte’s heading to Raw on Monday?

Bayley Post-Match Promo“Hey bitches,  screw all of you!” 

End of Show: 9:58:10

Overall Thoughts
The final tally for tonight: three matches, combining for 34 minutes and 14 seconds worth of in-ring action, and ten commercial breaks, totaling 32 minutes and 22 seconds. 

Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns being the first two picks was expected. Lacey Evans being selected over Kevin Owens wasn’t. It’s hard to grade a draft that is only halfway done, especially since big names such as Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, Charlotte, Seth Rollins and Bayley are still in limbo. Splitting up the eligible prospects into two groups for the two different shows was a smart move that helps explain why some certain big stars weren’t selected tonight.

The wrestling on this show was pretty good. Rollins vs. Reigns had a similar feel to their Money In the Bank encounter only with much less stakes involved. The New Day vs. The O.C. seemed like it was on pace to be good if it had gotten five more minutes of time. Bayley winning the title back from Charlotte so soon was a bit odd but also satisfying, since there’s no more ambiguity surrounding Bayley’s heel character.

I still don’t really care about the two headline feuds for Crown Jewel: Lesnar vs. Velasquez and Strowman vs. Fury, regardless of the videos and promos tonight. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to see those same videos and promos many more times between now and Oct. 31.

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