WWE Monday Night Raw Review (11/11/19)

Venue: Manchester Arena (Manchester, UK)

Becky Lynch began the show with an in-ring promo.

“The Man is back in Manchester.”

The Irish Lass Kicker talked about training in the UK as a teenager. She then turned her focus back to the present and delivered a message to her growing list of challengers:  “Bring them on!”

Charlotte then came down to the ring to join her for a tag team title match against the Kabuki Warriors.

Commercial Break No. 1

Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs. Kabuki Warriors

(8:13:31 – 8:31:18)

Becky and Asuka started things off with some taunting and trash talking. Asuka picked up the advantage early before tagging out to Kairi Sane. Upon entering, Sane used the unique offensive maneuver of slamming Lynch’s head into Asuka’s butt.

Lynch eventually gained control on Kairi before tagging out to Charlotte. Flair used her size advantage to slap and toss around the smaller Sane. After seemingly getting bored by beating on her, Charlotte allowed her to tag out to Asuka.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler emerged from the crowd, apparently wanting to get a close look at one of her Survivor Series opponents.

Commercial Break No. 2

Back from commercial, Asuka had the advantage on Charlotte and she managed to keep it with the help of an interfering Sane.

The fans made it known who they wanted to see in action with chants of “Becky!”

After a failed suplex attempt, Asuka applied the Octopus Lock in the middle of the ring but Charlotte managed to power out of it. Asuka then applied an Arm Bar but Charlotte again managed to power out of it, picking up and slamming Asuka down to the mat. Sane then tagged in to save her partner.

Fortunately for Charlotte, she managed to dodge Sane and knock her loopy by slamming her head into the turnbuckle, giving her enough time to make the hot tag to Becky.

Asuka tagged in as well and Becky began firing up before eventually hitting a double dropkick onto both Warriors. Seizing a moment of disruption, Baszler climbed up onto the apron to distract Lynch but Bayley came out from the crowd and ripped her down.

Seeing the altercation unfolding on the outside between her two future foes, Lynch took her eyes off of Asuka who got a sneaky roll up pin to retain the belts.

Result: Asuka pinned Lynch with a roll up (17:47)

After the match, Becky rolled outside to confront Baszler but Bayley attacked her from behind and laid her out as Shayna walked away through the crowd.

Replacing Natalya with Becky for this week’s women’s tag action was obviously a huge upgrade. Still, the crowd seemed pretty dead for this one, especially since the heat on Charlotte spot went a few minutes longer than it needed to. The crowd clearly wanted to see Becky in the ring but instead they mostly just watched as she stood on the apron before entering the ring for a minute, eating a pin and then getting attacked by Bayley on the outside.

Back in the locker room, Ricochet was seen conversing with Randy Orton before he turned his attention to a conversation between The O.C. and Humberto Carrillo. AJ Styles and his boys challenged Ricochet and Carrillo to find another partner for a six-man tag match tonight. They didn’t have to look far. Still within earshot, Orton waltzed back into frame and let The O.C. know that he’d be happy to fill the role as the third man.

Back out in the arena, Drew McIntyre’s music hit and he walked down to the ring.

Commercial Break No. 3

Drew McIntyre vs. Sin Cara

(8:39:40 –  8:43:37)

Drew came out swinging, looking to assert his dominance. Sin Cara didn’t back down, though, as he hit McIntyre with a suicide dive through the ropes before heading up to the top rope and hitting him with a Moonsault onto the floor below.

Sin Cara wasn’t as lucky back in the ring. He got nailed with a Headbutt and a Clothesline before being powerbombed down onto the floor on the outside.

Drew finished up the quick mostly one-sided affair with a Claymore Kick for the win.

Result: McIntyre pinned Sin Cara following a Claymore Kick (3:57)

This was mostly a nothing match that the crowd didn’t make a sound for with the exception of a slight “Oh!” for the Headbutt.

Backstage, Erick Rowan talked to an unseen animal in a cage.

R-Truth came down to the ring doing his usual “What’s Up!” routine.

Commercial Break No. 4

R-Truth vs. The Singh Brothers

(8:50:45 – ?)

Samir and Sunil used their two-on-one advantage early before Truth was able to fend each of them off. Instead of staying to fight, the two decided to run around the ring for a bit before fleeing to the back with Truth chasing behind.

After trying and failing to hide in the women’s locker room, the brothers made the mistake of entering Erick Rowan’s dressing room. Rowan threw them around the room before slamming a couch into them. Truth then entered to find Rowan standing over the duo and told them they needed some privacy before turning off the lights and exiting.

Result: No Contest?

This was an even bigger waste of time than the normal 24/7 Championship segment stuff.

Commercial Break No. 5

Seth Rollins made his way down to the ring as a video recap was shown of the NXT roster’s takeover of both SmackDown and Raw

Upon entering the ring, Rollins was met with a smattering of boos.

Rollins recapped last week’s conversation with HHH as the crowd reacted with complete indifference. He proclaimed that Raw is his show and this is Monday Night Rollins as a pretaped shot of fans cheering was edited in.

“It’s no secret I think I am the best wrestler on the planet.”

He then issued an open challenge. NXT UK Champion Walter and the rest of Imperium answered.

“Just because you’re not in the United States doesn’t mean you’re safe from an NXT Takeover.” – Walter

Commercial Break No. 6

Seth Rollins vs. Walter

(9:13:00 – 9:17:42)

Walter started off by tossing Rollins around the ring. Following a thunderous German Suplex, The Ring General took time to pose for a second before returning to the attack.

After working over Seth’s left leg and hitting him with a few slaps, the big Austrian went for another German Suplex but this time Rollins was able to land on his feet.

Sensing a comeback attempt, the rest of the members of Walter’s gang decided to take out Seth, attacking him for the disqualification.

Result: Rollins won via DQ following Imperium’s attack (4:42)

Their four-on-one numbers advantage didn’t last long. Soon enough, The Street Profits and Kevin Owens ran down to the ring to even the odds.

Commercial Break No. 7

Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and The Street Profits vs. Imperium

(9:21:53 – 9:28:34)

Walter, Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner all took turns beating on Rollins. It was the leader who really stood out, however, as he nailed Seth with a leaping dropkick into the corner before scooping him up and slamming him down with a Powerbomb.

Walter headed up to the top rope to hit a splash but Rollins met him up there and reversed it into a Superplex.

Kevin Owens then got the hot tag and picked up the energy level by running wild and taking out all four members of Imperium. The Street Profits joined the fray as well. Montez Ford flipped over the top rope and took out Walter and almost took out himself, as his legs crashed into the announce table.

Back in the ring, Owens hit a stunner on Barthel and Rollins followed that up with a Stomp onto Wolfe to pick up a victory for the Raw representatives.

Result: Rollins pinned Wolfe following a Stomp (6:41)

Walter was the standout performer in this one but the clear fan favorite was Owens. Rollins was overshadowed by both of them. KO looks like he’s primed to take Raw’s top babyface spot from Seth sooner rather than later.

Commercial Break No. 8

Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade

(9:36:45 – 9:40:29)

Andrade and Alexander showed off their athleticism and acrobatic ability early on before Andrade picked up the advantage catching a flipping Cedric with a drop kick in midair.

Cedric knocked Andrade out of the ring with an elbow to the head and followed it up with a dive through the ropes. Returning to the ring, Alexander then hit a Flatliner that was able to garner a two count on a pin attempt. Aided by Zelina’s interference, Andrade hit an elbow of his own and then nailed Alexander with a Hammerlock DDT to pick up the win.

Result: Andrade pinned Alexander following a Hammerlock DDT (3:44)

This one felt like it could have been pretty good if they gave these two at least five more minutes to actually build a match. Instead it turned out to be a quick and rather forgettable affair.

Aleister Black was shown giving his usual “Knock on my door and pick a fight” spiel.

Commercial Break No. 9

A video package was shown honoring America’s veterans before cutting back to a live shot of Lana and Bobby Lashley having a disagreement backstage.

Commercial Break No. 10

Lana came down to the ring and awkwardly raced through a promo talking about how Rusev cheated on her and she cheated on him. She was met with loud boos and boring chants. She then revealed that she is pregnant with Rusev’s child.

Rusev then came down to the ring. Lana slapped him and put him a headlock as Bobby Lashley came running down to beat on him and stand tall with his lady in tow.

Somehow they find a way to keep lowering the bar for this trainwreck of a love triangle storyline.

Erick Rowan was shown walking backstage.

Commercial Break No. 11

Erick Rowan vs. Soner Dursun

(10:10:10 – 10:11:48)

Rowan threw around Dursun for a minute before hitting a Claw Chokeslam for the win.

Result: Rowan pinned following a Claw Chokeslam (1:38)

A quick squash match that was mainly used to set up intrigue for what’s inside a covered up pet cage that Rowan carried down to the ring.

A highlight package was shown of former NXT UK tag team champions Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. The Viking Raiders were shown preparing for a raid backstage.

Commercial Break No. 12

The Viking Raiders vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

(10:20:37 – 10:23:47)

Andrews and Morgan Webster surprised the Raw Tag Team Champions early hitting a double flip over the top rope on Erik and Ivar.

Their momentum proved to be short lived. Erik took out both of them by himself before Ivar followed suit and did the same, hitting a dive through the ropes onto both of them.

Andrews had a quick glimmer of hope spot before that was dashed by a tandem Viking Experience slam by the Raiders who stood tall over their vanquished challengers.

Result: Ivar pinned Andrews following a Viking Experience (3:10)

This was a step up from the past couple of Viking Raiders matches which featured the Raiders destroying local jobbers with comedic gimmicks. This served its purpose and got the NXT UK performers a quick few minutes of television time.

Commercial Break No. 13

Backstage, Ricochet told Randy Orton that he’s not stupid and he expects that Orton will try to surprise him with an RKO at some point during their match. The Viper told Ricochet that the last thing he should do right now is let Orton get into his head.

A Brock Lesnar-Rey Mysterio video package was shown.

Commercial Break No. 14

Ricochet, Randy Orton and Humberto Carrillo vs. The O.C. 

(10:42:25 – 10:58:06)

Ricochet and Karl Anderson started things off but Randy Orton quickly tagged himself in and played some mind games with Ricochet, extending his hand toward Ricochet before tagging in Humberto.

Carrillo hit an impressive high-flying move before hitting an Arm Drag on Styles. Orton got upset with Ricochet while Humberto tried to play peacekeeper.

Commercial Break No. 15

Vic Joseph called Ricochet a “ball of energy” and a “human highlight reel” as he ran around the ring and took out every member of The O.C. by himself. A Spinebuster by Anderson slowed his pace down from a sprint to a crawl. Luke Gallows then entered the ring to inflict his own brand of punishment.

After getting beaten on for a while, Ricochet managed to hit a Standing Enziguri on Gallows and a Spinning Heel Kick on Styles to buy enough time to get over and tag in Carrillo.

Humberto went for broke with a Moonsault but didn’t connect. Orton then tagged in and hit his vintage Powerslam and DDT combo before getting into position for an RKO. Anderson saved Styles but soon enough Ricochet and Carrillo joined in to help out Randy and take out Gallows and Anderson. Carrillo proved successful on his second Moonsault attempt, nailing Gallows and Anderson on the outside.

Orton then teased an RKO on a dazed Ricochet before hitting Styles with it instead. Carrillo then tagged in and hit Styles with a Moonsault to pick up the victory.

Result: Carrillo pinned Styles following an RKO and a Moonsault (15:31)

It’s good to see Humberto finally getting a victory on Raw, even if was aided by Randy’s RKO. The tension between Orton and Ricochet should provide an interesting dynamic to the Raw team at Survivor Series.

Final Thoughts

Another week, another quiet crowd. The only things the fans in attendance seemed to react to positively tonight were Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens and to a lesser extent the drama between Ricochet and Orton. Seth Rollins got an ice cold reaction. Lana got go away heat and pretty much everything else received the cricket treatment.

The first hour felt incredibly dull with too much filler, especially the 24/7 Championship match, if you can even call it a match. Things picked up a bit when Walter and Imperium appeared. Walter looked really impressive against Rollins. It would have been nice to see those two get a little more time. The same can be said for Andrade and Cedric Alexander.

As usual, the Lana/Rusev/Lashley stuff was a disaster and is dragging down all three members involved.

Even if you overlook the fact this was a pretaped show instead of live, this just wasn’t a show that featured a lot of exciting moments. Last week’s Raw made the following NXT show feel like must-watch TV. This week’s Raw didn’t have nearly the same effect. The one saving grace was that there was at least some decent Survivor Series storyline progression for Becky, Shayna and Bayley as well as Ricochet and Randy Orton. The other stuff was just there to fill time.

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