WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/13/20)

“Help us.”

Whether it was a desperate plea or a carefully crafted commandment, those two words were undeniably effective.  A simple call to action from the self-appointed messiah, Seth Rollins, was heard by a lost soul awaiting on the outskirts, Buddy Murphy. An alliance-forming, giant-conquering initiation ended with a post battle embrace of acceptance and appreciation, which is completely statement making and course altering for a Seth-led stable that’s established itself as a true force to be reckoned with.

Stage-hopping stunts by Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe and a valiant in-ring effort from a game and surprisingly spry Big Show proved to be eye-catching but alas ultimately futile. A stomp of the foot served as the ending to a fight of fists in a show-closing sequence that was the highlight of an entertaining yet somewhat uneven Monday Night Raw episode.

The crowd in Lexington, Kentucky was treated to a ppv-quality battle in a triple threat opener that saw a streaking Drew McIntyre sneak away with a win over AJ Styles and Randy Orton, who both let their preoccupations and bad blood with each other blind them.

Ricochet picked up a much-needed win over Mojo Rawley.

For the second week in a row, Sarah Logan was used as cannon fodder for Charlotte.

Brock Lesnar had a comedy segment with R-Truth, who did drop John Cena’s name. That could potentially be a tease for a possible Rumble confrontation between Brock and Cena.

Bobby Lashley took advantage of a distracted Rusev who was focused on a Lana/Liv Morgan confrontation on the outside, which resulted in Lana throwing a drink in Liv’s face and then throwing her into the barricade. Lashley’s pinfall victory did not end the feud, though. Instead, a mixed tag match featuring Lashley and Lana vs. Rusev and Liv has been set for next next week.

The Sing Brothers quickly regretted answering The Viking Raiders’ open challenge. Erik and Ivar made short work of their challengers, asserting their dominance in a Raw tag division that admittedly feels rather thin at the current moment.

Becky Lynch, seemingly clad in the same yellow shirt and leather pants attire she wore on last week’s episode, fell victim to an Asuka green mist attack during their contract signing segment. Lynch cut an eyes burned shut promo, telling Asuka that at the Rumble, if she has to go down again, she’s going to take Asuka with her.

Andrade and Rey Mysterio hyped up their Ladder Match for the US Championship on next week’s episode. Zelina Vega called Mysterio a disgrace to latinos everywhere and a really sad and terrible example for his son Dominick and all of his children.

Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy had another buzz-worthy, highlight-reel match which received a “this is awesome” chant from an adoring crowd. After another back and forth affair, Black cemented himself as the superior fighter with a third straight victory over Buddy.

Erick Rowan squashed another local competitor and continued building intrigue surrounding his mysterious pet cage.

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