AEW Dynamite: Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Cobb Recap

Show: AEW Dynamite
Date: 2/19/20
Venue: State Farm Arena (Atlanta, GA)
Bell Timestamps: 50:06 – 1:01:22

Key Spots

-Cobb began with an overhead belly to belly suplex to gain the initial advantage. (0:06)

-Outside, Jeff reversed an Irish Whip and sent Jon flying over a guardrail. (3:58)

-In the corner, Moxley caught a Cobb kick attempt and hyper extended his left knee over his shoulder. (6:54)

-Jon crotched Jeff on the ring post and slammed his knee into the post three times. (7:17)

-Moxley went for a double axe handle strike off the top rope to the outside but Cobb caught him and suplexed him onto the floor. (8:51)

-After receiving a German Suplex, Jon was able to pop back up and clothesline Jeff. The two then traded strikes and clotheslines. Moxley rocked Cobb but Jeff ended up as the one who stood tall following the exchange. (9:54)

-Jeff suplexed Jon off the second rope. (11:10)

-After landing, Moxley was able to grab Cobb’s left leg and cradle him for the pin (11:13)

Result: Moxley pinned Cobb with a cradle (11:16)

Following the match, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager ran into the ring to beat on Moxley but Dustin Rhodes came out to fight them off. In the middle of the brawl, the lights went out. After a few seconds, Darby Allin’s music hit. Darby skateboarded down to the ring and used his board to fight off an attacking Jericho and Hager before turning his attention to Sammy. He hit him in the abdomen and grinded his board into Guevara’s back. Cobb then suplexed Allin but Darby landed on his feet and hit Jeff with the board in the midsection. Moxley then awakened and delivered a Paradigm Shift to Cobb. Outside, Darby threw Sammy into the steel stairs. Inside the ring, Moxley and Jericho traded blows before the AEW Champion was able to escape with a wounded Guevara as Moxley and Allin stood together in the ring and glared at and taunted them.

Total Pin Attempts: Three (Cobb: Two, Moxley: One)
Total Submission Attempts: Two (Cobb: Zero, Moxley: Two — Sleeper, Heel Hook)
Total Kick Outs: Two (Cobb: Zero, Moxley: Two)
Commercial Breaks: One

Overall Thoughts

This one went about as expected with a bit of a surprising ending. Cobb dominated early and often. After getting beaten down and thrown around for a while, Moxley was able to catch Cobb in a precarious situation and hurt his left knee. He worked over the knee for a bit but Jeff was still able to gain the advantage with a few suplexes and a clothesline. The surprise grab-the-leg pin by Moxley to win was probably the best outcome, considering this matchup presented a tough situation, in which it was not desirable for either competitor to take a clean loss since Moxley is challenging for the title soon and Cobb has been built up as a new scary dominant force. There was nothing mind-blowing in this one, but Cobb came off looking strong, and Moxley proved he could take a beating and still use his savvy to eek out a victory.

The post-match brawl was to be expected. The addition of Darby and Dustin made sense since they’re both feuding with Inner Circle members. Allin’s return was well received. His tussle with Sammy helped to build momentum for what should be a good vengeance match between him and Guevara at Revolution.

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