AEW Dynamite: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. Lucha Bros. Recap

Show: AEW Dynamite
Date: 2/19/20
Venue: State Farm Arena (Atlanta, GA)
Bell Timestamps: 1:13:08 – 1:28:14

Key Spots

-After a brief feeling out period, Page nailed Rey Fenix with a big boot to the head. (0:20)

-Page and Omega hit their combo running shooting star press/moonsault off the second rope maneuver. (2:35)

-Fenix laid in the middle of the ring and made himself a springboard for Pentagon to hit a running cannonball onto Omega in the corner. (3:58)

-Rey held Kenny’s legs open as Pentagon jumped off the top rope and double foot-stomped his crotch. (5:00)

-Omega ran off the ropes and drilled Pentagon with a spinning DDT. (8:03)

-Hangman flung himself over the top rope and took out Fenix with a Pescado. (8:49)

-Seeing Page on all fours, Pentagon ran out of the corner and used Hangman’s back as a propellant to hit Kenny with a Canadian Destroyer. (9:59)

-Omega reversed a package piledriver attempt and delivered a back body drop to Pentagon on the apron, which kicked off a sequence that included Fenix giving Kenny a hurricanrana down to the floor followed up by Hangman going up top and moonsaulting onto Rey. (11:27)

-Page hit Pentagon with a pop up powerbomb. Omega followed up with a knee to the back of the head. (12:58)

-Kenny held Fenix in place for Hangman to hit a buckshot lariat but Rey ducked and Page accidentally hit Omega instead. (13:07)

-Fenix superkicked Kenny, then did a corkscrew dive onto Hangman on the outside. Pentagon hit a Pentagon Driver. Omega barely kicked out before a three count. (13:22)

-Kenny was able to free himself of a package piledriver attempt and hit a snapdragon suplex on Pentagon. He then managed to hit a diving Fenix with a knee to the head. He then picked up Rey and hit him with a Tiger Driver 98 but Fenix kicked out. (14:00)

-Page got a blind tag, flipped into the ring and nailed Fenix with a lariat while Omega simultaneously kneed him in the back of the head. (15:00)

Result: Page pinned Fenix following a Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger Knee combo (15:06)

After the match, The Young Bucks came down to congratulate Kenny and had a mini tug of war with Hangman. Page left the ring and grabbed a few beers from the crowd.

Total Pin Attempts: 10 (Omega/Page: Eight, Lucha Bros: Two)
Total Submission Attempts: Two (Omega/Page: Zero, Lucha Bros: Two – Two Sleepers)
Total Kick Outs: Nine (Omega/Page: Two, Lucha Bros: Seven)
Commercial Breaks: One

Overall Thoughts

Page and Omega dominated and showed great cohesion early on. The match kicked into another gear following Pentagon’s running Canadian Destroyer. After that, there were a number of exciting spots and sequences that kept the fans invested and on their feet. The only gripe with the final few minutes was Omega’s lack of selling for a devastating looking Superkick/Pentagon Driver combination. Other then that, this match accomplished exactly what it needed to. It established the champions as a dominant duo early, and it showed that the two have the resilience to overcome a potentially costly miscue late to retain their titles. It seems that they could be setting up for a potential turn by Page either in or after the match against the Young Bucks at Revolution. Hangman and Omega are clicking so well as a team right now, though, it’d make sense to extend their run even further and have the Bucks pull a post-match heel turn on them instead.

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