WWE Monday Night Raw: Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton Match Recap

Show: Monday Night Raw
Date: 2/24/20
Venue: Bell MTS Place (Winnipeg, MB)
Bell Timestamps: 10:46:43 – 10:54:54

Key Spots

-Owens tossed Orton into the barricade and sandwiched him with a running cannonball. (0:50)

-Seth Rollins, Murphy & AOP walked onto the stage to distract KO. Randy took advantage and hit Kevin from behind, knocking him to the outside. (1:29)

-After getting whipped into the corner, Owens nailed Orton with a superkick (5:11)

-The Street Profits and Viking Raiders charged down to the ring to fend off Rollins’ disciples (5:17)

-Kevin climbed to the top rope but Randy was able to take out his right leg and crotch Owens on the top turnbuckle. (6:11)

-After Randy failed in his quest to superplex KO, the two traded blows before Owens headbutted Orton, sending him flailing down to the mat. He hit him with a senton. (7:10)

-Rollins returned to ringside to distract Kevin but Owens knocked him off the apron with a right hand. Randy was able to take advantage of a preoccupied KO and nail him with a clothesline when he finally turned around. (7:17)

-Orton delivered a draping DDT to Owens, who was once again trying to fend off Rollins and picked up the win after a fast three-count by the official. (8:11)

Result: Orton pinned Owens following a draping DDT  (8:11)

After the match the referee went out to check on Rollins and make sure he was OK. Seth slid two chairs into the ring and pleaded with Orton to give KO a conchairto. However, Owens woke up, picked up a chair and squared off with Randy, who opted instead to slide out of the ring and head to the back. Owens went outside the ring, grabbed the ref and through him into the ring. He ripped off the ref’s shirt to reveal a Monday Night Messiah t-shirt. After delivering a stunner to the official, Kevin set up a table and powerbombed him through it as Rollins yelled in disapproval from the top of the ramp.

Total Pin Attempts: One (Owens: Zero, Orton: One)
Total Submission Attempts: Zero
Total Kick Outs: Zero
Commercial Breaks: One

Overall Thoughts

It was a match bogged down by a lot of outside interference and distractions and a huge dose of shenanigans. Ultimately, though, the final shot of the ref allegiance reveal followed up by the stunner and powerbomb through the table received a big pop from the crowd. It would have been nice to see Orton and Owens get a few more minutes to build a better, cleaner match but this was clearly about furthering the KO/Seth feud. In that sense, it served its purpose. It was also nice to see Owens get away from the recycled multi-man tag matches that had clearly run their course.

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