WWE NXT: Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair Match Recap

Date: 2/26/20
Venue: Full Sail Live
Bell Timestamps: 1:52:16 – 2:04:50

Key Spots

-Charlotte was greeted with chants of “You don’t go here!” from the NXT faithful at the opening bell. (0:00)

-After the two traded holds for the first few minutes, Belair hit the first big strike of the match, dropkicking Charlotte into the corner and then taunting her. (2:16)

-Charlotte hit six straight knife edge chops and posed in the middle of the ring. (2:40)

-The two briefly brawled on the outside before Bianca whipped Flair face first into the ring post. (5:55)

-Belair slammed Charlotte in the middle of the ring with a double chicken wing. (7:23)

-Flair countered Bianca’s handspring off the ropes with a kick to the abdomen (7:56)

-After three straight knees to the midsection, Charlotte applied an abdominal stretch, grabbing onto Bianca’s ponytail for leverage. Belair was able to reverse the hold but Flair once again tugged at her hair to break things up. (8:12)

-Charlotte escaped a powerbomb attempt and nailed Belair with an elbow and a backbreaker before tossing Bianca’s head into the middle turnbuckle. (9:45)

-Flair attempted a moonsault but Bianca got her feet up to counter. Charlotte grabbed her feet and applied a Boston Crab. (10:14)

-Charlotte hit a sitout powerbomb in the middle of the ring. (10:56)

-After ducking under a big boot attempt, Bianca managed to dropkick Flair through the ropes to the outside. (11:14)

-The two traded spears: Bianca first, then Charlotte. Flair then hit Belair with a Natural and got the pinfall victory. (12:20)

Result: Flair pinned Belair after a Natural Selection (12:34)

After the match, Charlotte put Bianca’s left ankle in a chair and stomped on it before applying the Figure Eight. Rhea Ripley’s music hit. She took time to do her usual entrance, including her stomp move at the top of the ramp, before sauntering down to the ring to confront Flair, who ducked outside as soon as Ripley stepped in. The show then cut off as Rhea shouted at Charlotte and held up the NXT Women’s Championship.

Total Pin Attempts: Nine (Flair: Five, Belair: Four)
Total Submission Attempts: Six (Flair: Five—Sleeper, Shoulder Lock, Abdominal Stretch, Boston Crab, Stretch Muffler; Belair: One—Abdominal stretch)
Total Kick Outs: Eight (Flair: Four, Belair: Four)
Commercial Breaks: One (Picture in Picture)

Overall Thoughts

Surprisingly enough, this bout was more of a slower, mat-based, submission hold filled affair instead of the kind of back and forth trade off of high impact power moves and displays of athleticism one would expect to see from two tall, physically gifted specimens such as Charlotte and Bianca. It was OK for what it was, but it was obvious the crowd was expecting a bit more of an exciting kind of match, since the finish lacked heat. Charlotte’s spear outclassed Bianca’s attempt. Belair held her own but it was clear who was carrying who in this one. Rhea taking her sweet time coming down the ramp and the show abruptly going off the air just as the stare-down began was an odd ending.

In the moment, there was a part of me hoping they were doing the normal Rhea entrance so just as she did the bend over and stomp at the scream part of her theme, Charlotte would come running up the ramp and boot her right in the face. Then have the ending shot just be Flair talking smack in front of the screen, posing and saying some big former star alumni comes back to town type of trash talk along the lines of, “I did go here! Now I’m back and I still run this place!”

They opted for a different direction.

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