WWE Monday Night Raw: Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza Match Recap

Show: Monday Night Raw
Date: 3/9/20
Venue: Capital One Arena (Washington DC)
Bell Timestamps: 0:17:26 – 0:26:24

-Mysterio whipped Garza head first into the middle turnbuckle (0:13)

-Rey did a handspring on the top rope in the corner, waiting for Angel to run under him, but instead Garza superkicked him. As Rey rolled away to try to compose himself, Angel dropkicked him through the ropes and sent him flying to the outside. (1:05)

-Angel picked up Rey, who was laying under the bottom rope, and put him in the slingshot position and then yanked him up causing Mysterio to hit his neck on the rope. (2:09)

-Garza went for the first pinfall attempt of the match. Rey kicked out at one. (2:18)

-Angel slingshotted Rey into the corner. Mysterio hit his head on the middle turnbuckle. Garza then kicked him in the back of the head. (2:33)

-After beating on Rey in the corner for a bit, Garza went for the second pin attempt of the match. Mysterio once again kicked out at one. (4:03)

-Garza then applied a sleeper, which turned into a vice-like head squeeze. (4:14)

– Angel tossed Mysterio into the air and nailed him with a right knee to the chest as he came back down. (4:45)

-Garza mocked Mysterio before attempting Rey’s signature maneuver, the 691. Rey manged to get to his feet and nail Garza with a kick to the head as he came running off the ropes. (5:09)

-Rey tossed Garza to the outside. While Angel was lying back first on the ground outside, Mysterio ran and slid under the bottom rope to hit him with a splash. (5:44)

-After delivering back-to-back seated sentons, Mysterio kicked Garza in the head and attempted his first pinfall of the match. Angel kicked out at two. (6:34)

-Rey went for a springboard crossbody off the middle rope but Garza caught him and used the top rope to bounce Mysterio off of and send him hurling backward with a reverse suplex. (6:54)

-Garza attempted his third pinfall of the match but Mysterio kicked out at two. (7:07)

-After sending Angel flying to the ropes with a step up enziguri, Rey went for a 619 of his own, but Garza ducked out of the way, popped up and superkicked him. (7:27)

-After the two stood on the middle rope trading headbutts, Garza fell down to the canvas. Rey then attempted a destroyer but Garza caught him. Rey was able to wiggle free and fling Angel into the ropes and finally hit the 619. He then hit a springboard splash off the top rope. (8:37)

-Mysterio pinned Garza and got the three count to pick up the win. (8:54)

Result: Mysterio won via pinfall following a 619 and springboard splash (8:58)

Total Pin Attempts: Five (Garza: Three, Mysterio: Two)
Total Submission Attempts: (Garza: Two—sleeper, head squeeze; Mysterio: Zero)
Total Kick Outs: Four (Garza: One, Mysterio: Three)
Commercial Breaks: One (Picture In Picture)

Overall Thoughts

After a bit of a botch powerbomb slam early on, the two found their footing and gelled well. Following the first big “Oh!” spot of the match—Garza’s superkick to an upside down Mysterio in the corner, the match slowed down a bit as Angel worked over Rey during a picture in picture commercial break. The pace picked up when the show went back to full screen. Garza more than held his own and proved he is main roster ready. A clean loss this early in his run does hurt his credentials slightly, even though it was to a legend like Mysterio.

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