AEW Dynamite: Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Cobb Recap

Show: AEW Dynamite Date: 2/19/20 Venue: State Farm Arena (Atlanta, GA) Bell Timestamps: 50:06 – 1:01:22 Key Spots -Cobb began with an overhead belly to belly suplex to gain the initial advantage. (0:06) -Outside, Jeff reversed an Irish Whip and sent Jon flying over a guardrail. (3:58) -In the corner, Moxley caught a Cobb kickContinue reading “AEW Dynamite: Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Cobb Recap”

This Weekend’s Best Wrestling Shows

PWG Two Hundred Friday March 1st, Globe Theatre (Los Angeles, California) At PWG’s last show Hand of Doom, the Los Angeles-based federation waved goodbye to federation regular Trevor Lee, who left for the bright lights of NXT following a loss to world champion Jeff Cobb. After a successful title defense against Lee, Cobb will nowContinue reading “This Weekend’s Best Wrestling Shows”