AEW Dynamite: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. Lucha Bros. Recap

Show: AEW Dynamite Date: 2/19/20 Venue: State Farm Arena (Atlanta, GA) Bell Timestamps: 1:13:08 – 1:28:14 Key Spots -After a brief feeling out period, Page nailed Rey Fenix with a big boot to the head. (0:20) -Page and Omega hit their combo running shooting star press/moonsault off the second rope maneuver. (2:35) -Fenix laid inContinue reading “AEW Dynamite: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. Lucha Bros. Recap”

Ranking the Best Pro Wrestlers of the Decade

Yearly ratings, great matches, title reigns and big stage moments are the four categories that were used to determine this greatest wrestlers of the 2010-2019 decade list. 20 male wrestlers and six female wrestlers met the qualifications for inclusion. Here are the final overall rankings along with explanations and breakdowns of the overall criteria andContinue reading “Ranking the Best Pro Wrestlers of the Decade”

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite Review (10/2/19)

Venue: Capital One Arena (Washington DC) Cody defeats Sammy Guevara -Cody left his dog at home this time. Good call. Lesson Learned. -AEW crowd fans truly adore Cody. Not sure anyone else in the company is as over as him. Maybe The Young Bucks but that’s up for debate.  -Sammy looking sloppy early — SlippingContinue reading “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite Review (10/2/19)”

AEW Double or Nothing Review

M O X Those letters adorned the vest that shielded the back of a man who wore it to hide his freshly shed skin state. The wayward conqueror Jon Moxley is here, thirsty to prove his worth and fulfill a destiny.   A Judas inspired conquest sequence served as the ignition of a Lazarus-like raising of theContinue reading “AEW Double or Nothing Review”