Wrestlemania 36 Review

Rhea/Charlotte and Cena/Wyatt made me have an emotional reaction. Nothing else on night two did. The Boneyard Match was the best overall thing on either show. From a pure entertainment standpoint, Undertaker/Styles was the best thing that’s been on any Wrestlemania show in a few years. Rollins/Owens was well laid out. Nothing else stuck outContinue reading “Wrestlemania 36 Review”

Wrestlemania 35 Predictions

Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch The build to this match didn’t need to be nearly as convoluted as it turned out to be. The story seemed simple enough: Have Charlotte win the Smackdown Championship at TLC, then have Becky win the Royal Rumble and have her say sheContinue reading “Wrestlemania 35 Predictions”