Wrestlemania 36 Review

Rhea/Charlotte and Cena/Wyatt made me have an emotional reaction. Nothing else on night two did. The Boneyard Match was the best overall thing on either show. From a pure entertainment standpoint, Undertaker/Styles was the best thing that’s been on any Wrestlemania show in a few years. Rollins/Owens was well laid out. Nothing else stuck outContinue reading “Wrestlemania 36 Review”

WWE Monday Night Raw: Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza Match Recap

Show: Monday Night Raw Date: 3/9/20 Venue: Capital One Arena (Washington DC) Bell Timestamps: 0:17:26 – 0:26:24 -Mysterio whipped Garza head first into the middle turnbuckle (0:13) -Rey did a handspring on the top rope in the corner, waiting for Angel to run under him, but instead Garza superkicked him. As Rey rolled away toContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw: Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza Match Recap”

WWE NXT: Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair Match Recap

Show: WWE NXT Date: 2/26/20 Venue: Full Sail Live Bell Timestamps: 1:52:16 – 2:04:50 Key Spots -Charlotte was greeted with chants of “You don’t go here!” from the NXT faithful at the opening bell. (0:00) -After the two traded holds for the first few minutes, Belair hit the first big strike of the match, dropkickingContinue reading “WWE NXT: Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair Match Recap”

WWE Monday Night Raw: Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton Match Recap

Show: Monday Night Raw Date: 2/24/20 Venue: Bell MTS Place (Winnipeg, MB) Bell Timestamps: 10:46:43 – 10:54:54 Key Spots -Owens tossed Orton into the barricade and sandwiched him with a running cannonball. (0:50) -Seth Rollins, Murphy & AOP walked onto the stage to distract KO. Randy took advantage and hit Kevin from behind, knocking himContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw: Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton Match Recap”

WWE Monday Night Raw Review (2/10/20)

Venue: Toyota Arena (Ontario, CA) Show Summary The show began with Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy and AOP standing in the middle of the ring. Rollins called for a replay video of last week’s match, which Rezar won by pinning Kevin Owens. Seth said they are here to preach a message of oneness and unity andContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw Review (2/10/20)”

WWE Monday Night Raw Review (2/3/20)

Venue: Vivint Smart Home Arena (Salt Lake City, UT) Show Summary The show began with a recap video of Randy Orton’s attack on Edge to end last week’s episode. Orton came down to the ring and earned loud boos from an unforgiving crowd that taunted Randy with “Edge” chants. After a few minutes, Randy gaveContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw Review (2/3/20)”

WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/27/20)

Venue: AT&T Center (San Antonio, TX) Show Summary The show began with a video recap highlight of Drew McIntyre interrupting WWE Champion Brock Lesnar’s destruction of early Royal Rumble participants, eliminating Lesnar and going on to win the Men’s Rumble. The proper show began with a thrown together commentary team of Tom Phillips, Byron SaxtonContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/27/20)”

WWE Worlds Collide 2020 Review

Quality-wise, WWE Worlds Collide was a little better and featured a lineup that was obviously more star-studded than an average NXT Wednesday night show but in terms of drama and sheer suck-a-viewer-into-what’s-happening, it didn’t reach the heights or precedents set by normal NXT Takeover events. Ultimately, it came off feeling like a manufactured show that managed toContinue reading “WWE Worlds Collide 2020 Review”

WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/20/20)

Venue: INTRUST Bank Arena (Wichita, KS) Show Summary “Either you’re with us or you’re against us.” That was the battle line-drawing statement that Seth Rollins made to the Monday Night Raw locker room. It was clear which side Buddy Murphy, who Rollins referred to as the newest disciple of the Monday Night Messiah, chose toContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/20/20)”

WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/13/20)

“Help us.” Whether it was a desperate plea or a carefully crafted commandment, those two words were undeniably effective.  A simple call to action from the self-appointed messiah, Seth Rollins, was heard by a lost soul awaiting on the outskirts, Buddy Murphy. An alliance-forming, giant-conquering initiation ended with a post battle embrace of acceptance andContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/13/20)”

WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/6/20)

Venue: Chesapeake Energy Arena (Oklahoma City, OK) After a recap video highlight of Liv Morgan and Rusev crashing Lana and Bobby Lashley’s wedding ceremony last week, the show began with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar in the ring for a promo. Heyman said no one on the roster is man enough to challenge Lesnar forContinue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw Review (1/6/20)”

WWE Monday Night Raw Review (12/30/19)

Venue: XL Center (Hartford, CT) Show Summary Kevin Owens began the show with an in-ring promo and reminded viewers who may have forgotten about the repetitive cycle of his angle with Seth Rollins and AOP that “every week, I call them out, and every week, I get the hell beaten out of me. Guess what,Continue reading “WWE Monday Night Raw Review (12/30/19)”